51 Days & 62 Days

51 days until I am married! I can’t wait!

I have promised myself that I will get as much as humanly possible done BEOFRE the big day. I want to be able to wake up the next morning and actually remember the day before. I don’t want to be one of those brides that is so stressed out and rushing around so much that I don’t take time to enjoy my day. I want to remember my wedding from my memory, not just the pictures.

I’m going to (hopefully) get up around 8 so that I have time to take a relaxing bath before having to jump into everything. Hopefully I will have time to enjoy breakfast with my parents too. I want to have time to sit around with the girls while we are getting ready and talk and have a good time. I’m getting the receiving line out of the way at the church so I can dance with my new husband and visit with friends and family at the reception, but still have time to stop and eat and enjoy my cake. I am determined not to be a bridezilla on my wedding day. I may be up until that day (I hope not), but not on that day. I want it to be a pleasant experience for everyone.

62 days until CHRISTMAS! I started on my Christmas cards tonight. Yes, I must be crazy. Not only is it October, but I should be working on wedding stuff, NOT addressing Christmas cards that won’t be sent out for another month, almost 2. Oh well, I enjoy it. I love Christmas. I told Steven that as soon as Halloween is over, Christmas decorations go up!

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