Phone + Snow = : (

Well, the pink razr is no more. I dropped it yesterday when I was outside with my dogs and didn’t find it for a couple of hours. It still works, but the screen is just black, so if I don’t call you back I’m not being mean! Thankfully we were already planning to get me a new phone this month. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I still have to wait a couple of more weeks.

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  1. Randi House

    Thanks! The store is called Furniture Factory Returns or Outlet…something like that. It’s on Harrison street right in between the movie theatre and Hastings. By the way…a tip for a cell phone that’s wet. Put it in a bowl of dry rice. I dropped mine in the toilet once and it didn’t work at all. I put it in bowl of dry rice for a few hours and it worked fine!

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