Maybe we should start a petting zoo?

We are well on our way to living in a zoo!
When we had to give Jill to my parents, we said, “No more animals.” Well, Halloween rolled around, and Minnie Pearl entered our lives. She is a handful, so once again we vowed, “No more animals!” God sure has a funny sense of humor. He knows we are just too soft hearted to turn away a neglected animal.
Friday morning I fed Biscuit just before I left for work, like always. Just as I finished pouring food in his bowl I saw a flash of yellow run across our driveway. I assumed it was Biscuit and called to him. Then he came around from the other side of the house. ‘Hmmmm….’
Then from the other side of the house came this little guy!

He had no collar and obviously hadn’t eaten in a few days! I felt awful, but I had just given Biscuit the last of the dog food. I called Steven on my way to work to tell him about the visitor, thinking he’d tell me to make him leave. All he said was, “Feed him!” I promised I’d buy more dog food on my way home and feed him if he was still there, and he was.

In the 2 days he has been here, he has gone from a timid, overly hungry stray with his tail almost always tucked to an overly excited puppy with a big smile and a wagging tail! He gets along great with the other dogs, too.

He still needs a name…

Biscuit + Emerald + Minnie Pearl + Roush + puppy = our personal petting zoo
($.50 admission, haha. We have to feed them somehow!) 🙂

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