Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was my 21st birthday.
It started out pretty good, got kinda bad, and then got good again.

This morning, I got to sleep in and be lazy a little because I didn’t have to be at work until 12:00. I only got to sleep in about 30 minutes though, thanks to my dogs. Work was pretty slow. Then, Steven called to say he had no idea how he’s getting home tomorrow because of all the roads being closed, and when he does get home our “weekend away” are canceled due to the same thing. Urg. Oh well, maybe next year.

Tonight, I went to church then out to eat with some of my church family. I love my church family. Dinner definitely cheered me up, especially Emma and Eva Grace. When they first got there, they each gave me a sucker and told me, “Happy birthday.” That just made my day. Those little girls are so sweet.

I also got to have a talk with my friend, Jennica. She goes to Harding, so we don’t see each other too much during the school year, and I really miss her. She’s great. I love her bunches.

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