13 Thursday

13 things about me and my family…

1. I like fast food. I don’t just eat it because it is cheap or convenient. I actually like it.

2. I have taken more than 5000 photos in the last 12 months.

3. People that are always “sick” drive me bananas. When they are actually sick I don’t feel sorry for them; it makes me want to laugh. Yeah, that’s not very nice.

4. I am addicted to my BlackBerry.

5. I get irritated everytime someone is talking about weddings and says, “Well you don’t really need a lot of decorations for the ceremony. You are only there for about 30 minutes.” Hello! That is where all of your formal pictures are usually taken, the ceremony photos ARE important, and what about the video? Besides, I’m pretty sure the ceremony is the most important part of the day. Maybe I was a crazy bridezilla, but my ceremony decor was just as important as my reception decorations. My ceremony photos are some of my favorites now.

6. I was a bridezilla. (I apologize to all of those that witnessed a fit. (-: )

7. I love muffins.

8. I have absolutely no athletic ability. I can’t even bowl. I’m a decent swimmer, does that count?

9. I would love to live on a lake. I don’t think I’ll ever convince Steven though.

10. Steven gets excited about little boy stuff. If we have to pick out a baby gift for a boy, he insists on going shopping for it with me. It’s really cute.

11. My sister and I fought like boys when we were little. We didn’t bother with name-calling.

12. My dad is the king of annoying punishments. Forget spanking – thumping them works much better. 🙂 We got knee spats in the car, thumped on the head or ear, and once even had to write a paper! Apparently annoyances get the idea over quicker than pain.

13. Steven and I refer to our dogs as our “girls.” He is their “Daddy,” and I am their “Mommy.”

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