Thirteen Thursday

In honor of my husband coming home in less than 24 hours, I will make my list about him.

13 Reasons I Love My Husband

1. He works VERY hard. While he loves his work, he doesn’t love the traveling. He does it anyway so that I can have a house, a car, food, clothes, a nice camera, etc. and so that I don’t have to work 40+ hours a week while I’m going to school.

2. It doesn’t bother him one tiny bit to hold my hand or say “I love you,” in public. In fact, he thinks, “Couples that don’t hold hands are a little weird.” Those are his words.

3. He has NEVER complained about watching The Notebook with me.

4. He let me decorate the kitchen in pink and register for pink dishes. (I swear he’s perfect!)

5. He’s encouraging. He has never told me I can’t do something. When I mention something I want to try his response is always, “Do it. If that’s what you want to do, go ahead, Babe.” It doesn’t matter if it is a new exercise program, job, craft, or just something random that I want to learn – he’s always supportive.

6. My husband is incredibly funny. He doesn’t care if you are laughing with him or at him, as long as he is making you laugh.

7. He likes kids.

8. He knows how to deal with me. When most people would say I’m being mean, he just roles his eyes and dishes it right back out at me! He knows when I just want to argue for the sake of arguing and plays along.

9. He is constantly making sacrifices for me without me even asking/knowing about it. He chose to re-roof our house by himself instead of hiring someone else to do it, so that we could go ahead and buy my new camera instead of waiting a few more months. At the time he told me it was because he was “too cheap to pay someone” to do what he could do. Only later, after the camera was bought, did he admit the real reason.

10. He doesn’t wake me up on Saturdays.

11. He doesn’t “allow” me to mow the yard. He insists this is because he enjoys doing it and our mower is cantankerous. I don’t care what his reason is. I’m just glad I’m not expected to do it!

12. He believes women should have lots of shoes and nice jewelry. (I told you, he’s perfect.)

13. He likes my cat Roush, really. (See? He really is perfect.)

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