Day #144 Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

1. I’m thankful for getting to have a night out with the girls from church for coffee and dessert.

2. The Bryant Family – They are moving to Australia and will be greatly missed! They have been such a blessing to all of us at South Caraway.

3. I am SO thankful that Ellen arrived to work on time. I was ready to leave. 🙂

4. My snobby puppy, Emerald, and the way she only wants to sit in my lap. I know, it is kind of mean, but it makes me feel special that I’m the only one she wants to hold her.

5. That my phone at work isn’t a video phone. Again, not something nice, but I’d rather roll my eyes and keep my thoughts to myself, while still making the customer happy. (“No ma’am, we are not asking you to pay $7.00 for a photo with a watermark printed across the middle.”)

6. My husband and the fact that he realizes I live in this house too, therefore I have say in who comes over, when, how often, and for how long. Our home is not a hotel to his friends that refuse to grow up.

7. My list of favorite blogs. They keep me entertained and smiling.

8. Craft stuff and that I have an entire room to devote to it! I have always wanted my own craft room, but never thought I’d get one. Photos, beads, fabric, paint, scrapbook supplies, silk flowers, coloring books, old magazines…Oh I am so thankful for that stuff! I can never be bored in my house.

9. I am very, very, very thankful that the Spring 2008 semester is over!

10. Almost more than any other thing on this list, I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I shut my kitchen door about 10 minutes ago. I had it standing open with just the storm door closed, letting cool air blow through the house. Well, the dogs just started barking and I went to the kitchen to make sure the door was closed. Then I smelled it. I’m pretty sure a skunk just sprayed outside my back door.


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3 Responses to Day #144 Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Amy Barrett

    Better enjoy that craft room while you can! Those are usually the first to go! First they become the craft room and the computer room, then the craft room, computer room and storage room, then there is too much stuff in there to do anything with so you cram it all in closets and it becomes your kid’s playroom!

  2. Danna Ramsey

    Ah, a craft room… I’d sell a kidney for one of those. Alright, just kidding, but really jealous! 🙂

  3. Mzzterry

    Life is so good with a craft room. You are blessed indeed. A thoughtful hubby to boot. woohoo!! =)

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