Post-Wedding Chop!

There seems to be a trend among girls to let their hair grow in preparation for a fancy hairdo at their wedding, and afterwards to cut off the long locks. I have been saying since December I would do it. I was tired of the long hair. (I was tired of spending 20 minutes just drying my hair.) Well, today I finally did it! She started by cutting off a ponytail that was about 5 inches long, and then she cut probably another 2 inches while stying it.

Get this…my hair can have a little volume now! Anyone that has tried to fix my hair knows that is no small feat. She cut a few thin layers into the top, so that with the help of good hair spray and a little scrunching (ok, a lot) it has the tiniest bit of volume…for about 30 minutes. 🙂

These aren’t the best pictures. I only had my cell phone to use as a camera. (I know, me? No camera around?) Anyway, tell me what you think. I, personally, love it!


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3 Responses to Post-Wedding Chop!

  1. C~~O~~U~~R~~T~~N~~E~~Y


  2. laurenmakes

    it looks great emily!

  3. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Oh, I do like it!! It is very becoming. You should see my hair girl, she is great, she is a hair genius. There are few people that can cut and style curly hair too without making it look like BIG TEX, so I feel you!

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