Oh, that time of year has come!

It is July again. This is about the time every year that I start trying to convince Steven that we need to move to Greers Ferry after I graduate. (Friends, don’t worry. There’s no chance. After 3 years of me begging, his answer is still “no.”)

Everyone always says, “But why? Then going to the lake wouldn’t feel like vacation.” “You can’t swim all year in it either.”

These may both be true. However, you also have to remember that (1) lakes don’t require frequent cleaning the way pools do. (2) I would rather stare at the cold water of a lake in 32 degree weather than a muddy rice field. (3)I’ll let you all in on a little secret…. I. Hate. Mosquitos. And guess what? They don’t have them in Greers Ferry! At least not to the magnitude that they exist here.

It is bad enough that it is horribly humid, sticky, hot, and just miserable in July. Let’s add in the fact that I live in the middle of rice fields that are home to millions of mosquitoes. Oh, and did I mention I’m allergic to them? Oh yes! I do not get small red bumps that itch for a few hours. No, no, no. I get JUMBO red whelps that itch to the point of keeping me awake at night.

Fun times. I guess I should also mention this is generally the time of year that I pull out a Christmas cd or two and start dreaming of snow and cold weather that will kill these stupid little bugs.

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