I survived!

I survived my first week back in class! There were many times when I was unsure if I’d make it or not. First of all, much like our dear friends Justin & Courtney, Steven and I are one of those couples. The ones whom nothing goes correctly/normal for. If you actually need proof of this, see THIS post. Read THIS one too. Oh, you can read THIS one for a laugh, too. Oh, and THIS one is really good. See a pattern here? Everyday things that should be so easy and normal, but no, not for us. This week has been full of those moments.

Like when I was standing in line at Indian, er…Wolf Bookstore…for the third time this week…on the third day of classes. I have also stood in line once at Textbook Brokers, and I have to go back on Monday. Apparently they copied down my debit card info, but didn’t bother to write down how much to charge.

Or when my phone decided to completely die on me, and I was having to deal with a phone that only worked until 2:00 each day and wouldn’t let me answer the phone when someone was calling. I had to wait 10 minutes and call them back.

Oh, and today, when I was sitting in class at 9:30 a.m. listening, ok half-listening to a professor, and she told my classmate that she needed to reword (i.e. dumb down) her response to a question because English does not happen to be the professor’s first language.

*Sidenote: Since when is it okay for a professor that admits to not speaking/understanding the greatest amount of English to teach a communications/radio-tv class? Hmm…yes, something isn’t right there.*

Another interesting quirk to my week, our kitchen sink is so clogged up that after two bottles of liquid plumber, we gave up and Steven sent me to MidSouth Plumbing to buy the strongest stuff we could. I have yet to see if it works. I’m waiting to let him mess with it tomorrow. Clogged with what, we have no idea. This is a complete mystery to both of us because not much goes into our sink other than liquids. Like I have said before, not much cooking occurs in our house. Thankfully it isn’t completely clogged. It drains, just very slowly.

One more thing. Twice this week my low fuel light came on while I was driving around looking for a parking spot at ASU. I don’t mean a good parking spot either. I just mean a parking spot. I’ll be glad when people start skipping classes.

Welcome to my crazy life.

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