Thirteen Thursday – Confessions

I haven’t done a Thirteen Thursday list in a while, so I figure I can come up with 13 confessions for your entertainment.

  1. I have enough pink that I could wear a different pink shirt everyday for more than two weeks.
  2. I have recurring nightmares about snakes.
  3. I have recurring nightmares about people dying, and it is always one of the same two people.
  4. I am 21 years old, and I still whine. Ask my husband.
  5. My husband and I haven’t had a planned date since the end of July or beginning of August, neither of us remember exactly. (Don’t worry! We have one planned for this weekend!)
  6. I’m a night owl.
  7. I like doing laundry.
  8. My husband and I rarely, if ever, argue over money. (Are you surprised that we actually agree on something? haha)
  9. I cry at movies that shouldn’t be cried over.
  10. I don’t like mowing the yard.
  11. I chew on the caps to my pens.
  12. I am considering homeschooling our future children.
  13. I am a CrackBerry Addict.

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  1. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Wow, I don’t think I own one article of pink clothing, but I am terrified of snakes. I often thought of homeschooling my kids…..before I had them. Bless those moms with the patience to homeschool!

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