Thirteen Thursday

This week’s topic: Thirteen Things I’ve Learned About Myself this Year

With the end of the year coming up soon, here are several things I have learned about myself throughout my first year of marriage.

  1. Election season stresses me out.
  2. I have no construction abilities past hanging photos on the wall.
  3. I’m kind of opinionated, (we already knew that) but it is getting worse as I get older.
  4. Things that should stress me out don’t. (i.e. the national economic crisis)
  5. Things that shouldn’t stress me out do. (not getting laundry and dishes washed)
  6. I enjoy cooking only when I’m cooking what I want to be cooking.
  7. I need better time management skills. Or maybe I just need to say, “No” more?
  8. I really haven’t taken a lot of college classes that pertain to my career. I do however, know a bit about water aerobics, psychological disorders, radio/tv rules and regulations, sociological problems, and creating fliers and newsletters. Really helpful stuff for a photographer, huh?
  9. It doesn’t matter how interesting the subject is, I will fall asleep reading a text book.
  10. I’m a homebody. I really didn’t used to be. That’s a new development.
  11. I’m pretty stingy with my husband and his time. (That’s not nice, is it?)
  12. I am addicted to carbs.
  13. I learned that I haven’t learned 13 things about myself. :o)

Have a good day!


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2 Responses to Thirteen Thursday

  1. Amy Barrett

    Good list! I too am addicted to carbs and my opinions get voiced more and more with age! And, you should be stingy with your husband’s time, it’s not like you get to see him every day! I would be too!

  2. Courtney

    I’m pretty stingy with my husband’s time too. I thought it would get better the longer we’re married… but it hasn’t yet. 🙂

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