I’m back with Thirteen Thirsday!

I’ve been such a bad blogger! Life has just been insanely crazy lately, and I haven’t had the time to sit down and type out an entry. I have LOTS to blog about though! Over Christmas break, expect blogging overload from me. Hehe, I still have photos from Halloween to post! Anyway, here is my 13 Thursday list….

13 Things I’m Happy About Today

1. This semester is almost over! I wasn’t sure if I’d survive it for a while.

2. My husband is home every night now! It was definitely an adjustment (the mess in our house says so!), but we are loving it.

3. I have no class tomorrow. Yippee! I do however, have to take 3 online quizzes and an online test this weekend. Ick.

4. I finally got the instructor for my online class to go back and correct grading mistakes on my last quiz. (I made 20/20, but some of the questions were wrong, so it said I made 17/20.)

5. Tonight is the Christmas parade! I really, really hope we get to go. If we do, this will be the first time Steven and I have been to the parade together.

6. I am slowly but steadily getting caught up on photo editing. I think I might actually have everything finished in time for Christmas gifts.

7. I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done. I’m not finished, but definitely making good progress.

8. Our anniversary trip is only 2 weeks away! I can not wait. I so need a break!

9. I actually made it to class on time today. I didn’t think I would because I woke up late.

10. I am completely finished with 1 of my 5 classes this semester.

11. The wedding album I ordered came in today!

12. My husband has finally agreed to let me buy an automatic litter box! Woohoo! Now if only I can convince myself to part with the money…

13. The weekend has arrived…finally. 🙂

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  1. Victoria

    I’ve seen one of those automatic litterboxes on tv..they look pretty cool! I bet they are 10x better than a regular one!!

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