"Let there be light…"

We have electricity!!!!! Woohoo!!!

My neighbor called me Friday night just before we met my parents for dinner to say that they would be turning on the power within a few minutes. Oh was I happy!

We didn’t get to go home that night though. Saturday we came out to our house, turned the water back on, murdered a few snakes Steven removed from the water meter hole, turned the heat on, and dropped off our kitty. I admit it. I shed a few tears. I was SO ready to be back in my own home! In all, the power was out here over 18 days. I went around the house flipping every switch on and off, on and off. 🙂

Today after church we moved the rest of our stuff back in and brought the dogs too. Woohoo! I’m home! Oh, and Steven’s home too! His crew has been assigned to a 34 mile stretch between Greenway and Maurmaduke, so he’ll be working 7 days/week, but he’ll also be home most of those nights. That’s a nice change for a bit.

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  1. Carrie

    Yay for electricity!!! And how great that Steven gets to come home each night for a little while!! 🙂

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