New Toys!

Of course, pretty much everyone knows by now that I got a new computer.

I finally broke down and got a laptop – a MacBook Pro that I am in love with. Truly.
I’m really excited to not be confined to the desk now when I’m working. It’s lovely.

Right now, I’m in the livng room, sitting on the couch, listening to Steven play his xbox on his new toy.Yeah, he got a new toy too.

After church today, everyone wanted to go eat at Shorty Small’s, and Steven decided to run into Circuit City since we were the first ones there. I didn’t think they’d have any good sales, so it wouldn’t be a problem, right? Um, no. He found a tv. He wanted the tv. He bought the tv. I really should learn to use the “no” word a little better after he comes home from storm. I let my emotions get the best of me. I think he knows that too. 🙂

Ok, maybe it isn’t so bad. I did talk him down to a 42″ instead of the 50″! I’m glad I did too. The 50″ would have been massive in our small living room. I would post a picture of the actual tv we bought, but there’s no point. It looks exactly like the last one we bought for our bedroom. It was a good deal though. We bought this one for almost $200 less than the first one, and we bought the first one on sale at Sears for about $200 off the original price. So, that’s about $400 off the original price for this one!

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