Sad news…

I have been putting this post off for a few days.

Last Wednesday, Dad and Mom came out to our house to feed the outside dogs for us and found our poor Biscuit had died. 🙁 We don’t know what happened. Also, Poncho is missing. We are hoping he returns, but his food hasn’t been touched in days. However, when we got home this afternoon, Steven noticed a dog had “visited” the tires on the Trailblazer. We’re hoping that’s a good sign, and not just some random dog that wandered up into our yard.

In the meantime, we are down to just Roush and the girls. It’s pretty weird driving up to the house and not hearing Biskie’s big hound-dog bark/howl greeting us. I’m also gonna miss staring out the window, watching Poncho go back and forth across the yard – nose down, tail up- with his best attempts to catch a rabbit.

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  1. Mrs. Hamm

    I’m so sorry one of your dogs died! =( I wonder what happened to him!

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