What does a stay-at-home wife/mom get excited about?

Throughout the year I have kept a running list on my phone of things I’d like for Christmas. There is lots of good stuff on there. Purses? Nope. Funky nail polish? Nope. No, by “good stuff,” I mean really cool things like a bread knife and a rolling pin, dishes, flatware, and a travel coffee mug (mine all leak). Yeah, I’m asking for good stuff this year.

Lately I’ve had several “conversations” on facebook that have made me question my own sanity. A few weeks ago, a friend’s status lead to 12+ comments from myself and other ladies about the pro’s and con’s of hardwood, tile, and carpet. Today, a friend posted she’d gotten a new vacuum and loved it. I asked what kind it was. I’ve also shared and learned lots of stain-removing and cleaning tips through facebook conversations.

Last week I had lunch with a friend, and we spent at least 10 minutes discussing the cleaning of carpet and couches. Sunday I realized my husband had cleaned the ceiling fan in the living room. That was definitely a happy moment for me. And did I mention that I went to Target yesterday? For storage containers that were on sale?


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  1. Courtney

    Haha, me too! I spent 8 hours today scrubbing baseboards, sweeping, mopping, and doing laundry… and I loved every minute of it.

  2. Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah

    Okay, this is not something you will be excited about, but after Lincoln comes home until he is older than 4 (apparently) you will be shocked at how much time you think about and worry about him pooping. I promise….it will shock you. And shock you that you are dicussing it with your friends. 🙂

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