“Show me something each day to be happy about…”

Yesterday morning I was stressed out and worrying about getting our AC fixed. I prayed that God would, “Show me something each day to be happy about and smile about.” I need happiness and laughter in each day. He hasn’t failed me there. In each stressful moment or annoyance over the past two days, I have smiled about something or just laughed at the craziness of the situation. I’m not sure what prompted me to say this specific prayer, but I sure I didn’t want to be grouchy all weekend and worry about everything.

I’m was glad my husband and I were still home on Sunday when our AC problem began. Otherwise I would have come home to a flooded house.
I was happy about my nephew entering the world, and I was even happier when he was born and mommy and baby were healthy.
I was happy that I had kept enough formula in the diaper bag for two bottles.
I was very, very happy that my husband had made the decision when he left Missouri to turn off his cell phone to save what little battery life it had left,” just in case.”
I’m happy I’ll be getting an unexpected day with my husband tomorrow. He had planned to go straight to the hotel when he returned to Arkansas, since he is working out of town this week.

Oh, and did I mention I have a new, and rather adorable, nephew?

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