Lincoln.13 months


Yes, that’s the same baby boy that was new to the world this time last year. Now he’s a climbing, walking, talking wild child!

Age: 13 months

Hair: dark blonde

Eyes: Hazel/brown/green depends on the day!

Teeth: Lots! At least 10. 11 and 12 were close last time I checked, but I haven’t stuck my finger in that dangerous zone lately.

Words: Daddy, Pawpaw, dog, kitty, bye, hey (hi), tractor

Skills: walking (He started taking steps around 10 months, and really took off a week before his first birthday.), talking, kisses, CLIMBING, waving, clapping….He does lots of stuff now. He’s such a big boy!

Favorite foods: green beans, green peas, pasta, Ritz crackers, bread….notice a theme here? He’ll eat just about anything, but those are his favorites.

Favorite toys: guitars, tractors, and books

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