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Not Me Monday

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I did not go to FedEx today and mail a package containing a Christmas gift that got left behind when we traveled to Missouri in January and a few of my mother-in-laws belongings that got left at our house at Thanksgiving. Not me!

I did not breath a little sign of relief on the way home tonight because I remembered my sweet husband would not be here, therefore allowing me to watch Dancing with the Stars and hang out on the couch undisturbed. Promise. That wouldn’t be nice.

I was not late for Bible Study today because I was not sitting in a drive thru line at a coffee shop down the street.

I did not go in the dollar store tonight looking down right scary after going to the walking class and running class.

And since I didn’t go in the dollar store, I didn’t purchase a half-size bag of Funyuns to consume while watching Dancing with the Stars.

Since I didn’t buy those Funyuns, nor did I look at the nutritional value (or lack thereof) and say to myself, “Oh well, they’re cholesterol free!”

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Thirteen Thursday

A few of the blogs I read have started participating in Thirteen Thursday, making a list of confessions. Amy’s list is rather comical. While I realize today is Friday, not Thursday, I figured I would join in anyway. Maybe next week’s will actually get posted on Thursday, or maybe not. 🙂

My 13 Confessions

1. My office used to be my bedroom. It looks like I just moved in. It is a complete disaster all the time. I have boxes and boxes of photos, random craft supplies, mat board, and scrapbooking supplies piled up everywhere.

2. I can’t wait to (someday) be pregnant so that I will be off kitty-litter duty for almost a year. That in itself is worth 1,000 toddler tantrums.

3. I rarely cook, and when I do, it is usually just for myself. When Steven is home, he usually does the cooking.

4. I stink at eating healthy. The only healthy thing about my diet is that I rarely drink sodas.

5. I made sure my nails were painted everyday after Steven returned from Oklahoma in February of 2007 because I hoped he would be proposing soon, and I wanted my nails to look good in the first pictures of my ring.

6. I’m a bit OCD about my closet. My clothes are arranged by article, color, and sleeve length. Only plastic hangers allowed. Spare hangers go on the left end of the bottom bar. I even remove all the spare hangers from Steven’s closet because they bug me when I hang up his clean clothes.

7. I broke a glass insert on my coffee table at the beginning of last summer. I haven’t had another one made yet. I even called around to find someone to do it, and haven’t bothered yet.

8. On more than one occasion I have completely pushed my husband out of bed in my sleep. Once even on our honeymoon when we were sleeping in a king size bed. Oops.

9. Steven and I were asleep before 9 o’clock 3 out of 5 nights on our honeymoon. The other two nights we weren’t only because we didn’t get to the hotel until after 9.

10. I have successfully talked Steven into getting me a Mustang convertible as my next car – even if we have a kid.

11. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince my husband to buy pink household appliances. So far I have only acquired a pink KitchenAid Mixer and teapot. I would love a pink washer and dryer though.

12. We only make our bed right before we have company or when we wash the sheets.

13. We watch Hannah Montana most Saturday mornings.

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