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Thirteen Thursday

I’ve been pretty lazy with my blogging lately. Actually, I’ve been pretty lazy overall, but that’s another story. In an attempt to actually accomplish something tonight, here is a 13 Thursday list of random pictures form my computer.

1. This is why Steven has no room to sleep when he comes home. All week long, Minnie has believed this was her spot, and then she’s expected to give it up?

2. Roush should be a model. He loves to have his picture taken. It’s a very strange thing for a cat to enjoy.

3. Roush also likes to sleep in very cute positions.

4. Occasionally, I can no longer stand throwing a nasty, slimy dog toy. Mr. Squeaky got a bath recently.

5. Steven’s latest toy:

6. I bet your grandma didn’t get vodka for Christmas! haha, ok it’s hairspray for her to use at work…and I think that box came from the beauty supply store. Why would they have a vodka box?

7. Christmas or a birthday party? Both actually. My cousin, Casey, was born on Christmas day of 1987 – 9 months and 6 days after me.

8. Sometimes on long trips, my husband does scary stuff to make me laugh.

9. Steven rarely finds a book interesting enough to read.
Emerald rarely chooses to sit in his lap.

10. He sure is cute when he sleeps, but I’m rarely awake before him.

11. Every family needs a sweet little cocker spaniel.

12. I love this picture. Taken about a month ago at 10 a.m. using available light.

13. This is my favorite picture of Biscuit of all time.


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I’m back with Thirteen Thirsday!

I’ve been such a bad blogger! Life has just been insanely crazy lately, and I haven’t had the time to sit down and type out an entry. I have LOTS to blog about though! Over Christmas break, expect blogging overload from me. Hehe, I still have photos from Halloween to post! Anyway, here is my 13 Thursday list….

13 Things I’m Happy About Today

1. This semester is almost over! I wasn’t sure if I’d survive it for a while.

2. My husband is home every night now! It was definitely an adjustment (the mess in our house says so!), but we are loving it.

3. I have no class tomorrow. Yippee! I do however, have to take 3 online quizzes and an online test this weekend. Ick.

4. I finally got the instructor for my online class to go back and correct grading mistakes on my last quiz. (I made 20/20, but some of the questions were wrong, so it said I made 17/20.)

5. Tonight is the Christmas parade! I really, really hope we get to go. If we do, this will be the first time Steven and I have been to the parade together.

6. I am slowly but steadily getting caught up on photo editing. I think I might actually have everything finished in time for Christmas gifts.

7. I have a lot of my Christmas shopping done. I’m not finished, but definitely making good progress.

8. Our anniversary trip is only 2 weeks away! I can not wait. I so need a break!

9. I actually made it to class on time today. I didn’t think I would because I woke up late.

10. I am completely finished with 1 of my 5 classes this semester.

11. The wedding album I ordered came in today!

12. My husband has finally agreed to let me buy an automatic litter box! Woohoo! Now if only I can convince myself to part with the money…

13. The weekend has arrived…finally. 🙂

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Thirteen Thursday

This week’s topic: Thirteen Things I’ve Learned About Myself this Year

With the end of the year coming up soon, here are several things I have learned about myself throughout my first year of marriage.

  1. Election season stresses me out.
  2. I have no construction abilities past hanging photos on the wall.
  3. I’m kind of opinionated, (we already knew that) but it is getting worse as I get older.
  4. Things that should stress me out don’t. (i.e. the national economic crisis)
  5. Things that shouldn’t stress me out do. (not getting laundry and dishes washed)
  6. I enjoy cooking only when I’m cooking what I want to be cooking.
  7. I need better time management skills. Or maybe I just need to say, “No” more?
  8. I really haven’t taken a lot of college classes that pertain to my career. I do however, know a bit about water aerobics, psychological disorders, radio/tv rules and regulations, sociological problems, and creating fliers and newsletters. Really helpful stuff for a photographer, huh?
  9. It doesn’t matter how interesting the subject is, I will fall asleep reading a text book.
  10. I’m a homebody. I really didn’t used to be. That’s a new development.
  11. I’m pretty stingy with my husband and his time. (That’s not nice, is it?)
  12. I am addicted to carbs.
  13. I learned that I haven’t learned 13 things about myself. :o)

Have a good day!


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Thirteen Thursday – Confessions

I haven’t done a Thirteen Thursday list in a while, so I figure I can come up with 13 confessions for your entertainment.

  1. I have enough pink that I could wear a different pink shirt everyday for more than two weeks.
  2. I have recurring nightmares about snakes.
  3. I have recurring nightmares about people dying, and it is always one of the same two people.
  4. I am 21 years old, and I still whine. Ask my husband.
  5. My husband and I haven’t had a planned date since the end of July or beginning of August, neither of us remember exactly. (Don’t worry! We have one planned for this weekend!)
  6. I’m a night owl.
  7. I like doing laundry.
  8. My husband and I rarely, if ever, argue over money. (Are you surprised that we actually agree on something? haha)
  9. I cry at movies that shouldn’t be cried over.
  10. I don’t like mowing the yard.
  11. I chew on the caps to my pens.
  12. I am considering homeschooling our future children.
  13. I am a CrackBerry Addict.

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Thirteen Thursday is BACK!

I just realized that I have not done a 13 Thursday list since the beginning of June! Ooops. Thursdays are just usually a busy day for me. I’m always running last minute errands and doing last minute housework before Steven comes home, so we won’t have to do it on the weekend.

Because I have a few hours before he gets home, I’ll do another photo post. Here are 13 random pictures from my computer.

1. May 7, 2006 – me and Hanna

2. March 2007 – Hanna enjoying some chocolate cake for her first birthday

3. My mother on her wedding day. This is probably my favorite photo ever.

4. Laren and me- December 30, 2005 at the rehearsal dinner for Whitney and Adam’s wedding.

5. Emerald, Biscuit, and Roush were napping together. Roush woke up and was trying to snuggle with Biscuit. 🙂

6. Jill looks really scary when she yawns.

7. Awww! Look at the cute little me when I was 2!

8. Roush napping with Minnie Pearl. I can’t believe how small she was then!

9. The Mr. and Mrs. on the ferris wheel at the NEA District Fair

10. One of the tractors on my grandma’s farm.

11. Steven showing off at a pool party last summer.

12. He was dressed up, so I had to take a picture.

13. November 2007 – My good friend Ashley and her dad, on her wedding day.

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Thirteen Thursday

I’m going to try to come up with 13 confessions again.

1. I haven’t worn my contacts in weeks, until yesterday. I wore them yesterday, but today I only wore one.

2. This is my second summer to participate in my church’s playgroup days. I don’t have kids.

3. I rarely drink cokes, but I am addicted to sweet tea.

4. I have been trying unsuccessfully to organize my office for two weeks now.

5. I have not had my hair cut since my wedding day when Ally trimmed it just a little. I do have an appointment scheduled for this month though.

6. At restaurants, 9.8 times out of 10 my meal includes chicken.

7. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I can get lost anywhere.

8. I have at least 12 pairs of flip flops. (I say “at least” because that’s all I could see just glancing in my closet. I am too lazy to actually go dig around and count.)

9. Four of them are black.

10. The band on my promise ring Steven gave me 4 years ago broke not long after we got engaged, and I have still not had it fixed. It is still sitting on his dresser. One day…

11. I listen to Christmas music all year.

12. Steven and I have an agreement about housework. He doesn’t have to do any inside cleaning that he doesn’t want to do, and I don’t have to do any yard work that I don’t want to do.

13. I have never mastered the art of packing lightly.

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13 Thursday

Today I’m posting 13 photos that I love. This is mainly because I’m too lazy to come up with something to actually list. I took all but two of these.

1. A panda at the Memphis Zoo. He was tired from playing.

2. The view of the sunset from my favorite place on Earth, the cliffs at our campsite, just as I always see it- through the lenses of my sunglasses.

3. Yoda and a little chicken are just too cute to leave out.

4. I didn’t take this one; Tim Rand did. It will always be one of my favorite photos.

5. The Barrett Girls.

6. Hanna hanging out in my kitchen, enjoying bananas.

7. Emerald, trying to get Roush to play with her and her toy.

8. Trinket

9-12. Steven, Emma, and Eva Grace. These pictures make me smile.

13. My sister and I. Obviously this is the other one I didn’t take.

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Thirteen Thursday

I just killed the first mosquito of the year in my house. Fun times to come…
Anyway, that’s unrelated.

Steven was recently switched back to being home every weekend. This schedule is a lot better for us. We still miss each other, but it’s much easier to handle four days at a time, as opposed to 9 days. This week, a lot (more than usual) of people have asked about his job and said thinks like, “Oh it must be hard,” or “Wow, linemen have a dangerous job,” or “You must really miss him.” The answer to all of those is “YES!” However, there are some good things about being the wife of a lineman. These are a few of the things we remind ourselves of when our guys are out on the road.

Thirteen Reasons it’s Great to be a “Line Wife”

1. My husband values his time at home with me.
2. I don’t have to cook all week
3. When I want to cook, it can be pasta and he’s not around to complain that he doesn’t like it.
4. I have plenty of time to hang out with my girlfriends.
5. It makes me stronger person. It’s not possible for me to become completely dependent on my husband.
6. Knowing my husband has a job he loves.
7. Doing whatever I want for 4 days.
8. Storm pay. The worrying for weeks isn’t fun at all, but when the paycheck comes in, it does make it a little better.
9. Always knowing the weather forecast – Want to know the weather? Call a lineman.
10. The conversation. It is nearly impossible for a lineman and his wife to become one of those couples that “doesn’t talk.” When your only form of communication several days a week/month is the telephone, talking is unavoidable.
11. All the random/interesting stuff you learn! Just last night I learned some rules of owning/operating a generator.
12. Eating out. He can’t complain; he does it all week too.
13. Having a happy husband. Knowing that he loves his work and comes home tired but content is what makes it all worth it.

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Thirteen Thursday

In honor of my husband coming home in less than 24 hours, I will make my list about him.

13 Reasons I Love My Husband

1. He works VERY hard. While he loves his work, he doesn’t love the traveling. He does it anyway so that I can have a house, a car, food, clothes, a nice camera, etc. and so that I don’t have to work 40+ hours a week while I’m going to school.

2. It doesn’t bother him one tiny bit to hold my hand or say “I love you,” in public. In fact, he thinks, “Couples that don’t hold hands are a little weird.” Those are his words.

3. He has NEVER complained about watching The Notebook with me.

4. He let me decorate the kitchen in pink and register for pink dishes. (I swear he’s perfect!)

5. He’s encouraging. He has never told me I can’t do something. When I mention something I want to try his response is always, “Do it. If that’s what you want to do, go ahead, Babe.” It doesn’t matter if it is a new exercise program, job, craft, or just something random that I want to learn – he’s always supportive.

6. My husband is incredibly funny. He doesn’t care if you are laughing with him or at him, as long as he is making you laugh.

7. He likes kids.

8. He knows how to deal with me. When most people would say I’m being mean, he just roles his eyes and dishes it right back out at me! He knows when I just want to argue for the sake of arguing and plays along.

9. He is constantly making sacrifices for me without me even asking/knowing about it. He chose to re-roof our house by himself instead of hiring someone else to do it, so that we could go ahead and buy my new camera instead of waiting a few more months. At the time he told me it was because he was “too cheap to pay someone” to do what he could do. Only later, after the camera was bought, did he admit the real reason.

10. He doesn’t wake me up on Saturdays.

11. He doesn’t “allow” me to mow the yard. He insists this is because he enjoys doing it and our mower is cantankerous. I don’t care what his reason is. I’m just glad I’m not expected to do it!

12. He believes women should have lots of shoes and nice jewelry. (I told you, he’s perfect.)

13. He likes my cat Roush, really. (See? He really is perfect.)

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Thirteen Thursday

Well it’s that time again, kidos! Time for my weekly list of 13. Here’s a list of things you may or may not know about our little family.

Thursday 13

1. Steven and I love to play card games and board games together. Our favorites are Scrabble, Uno, and Spades. He has beaten me at Scrabble twice, and I will never be allowed to forget it. 🙂

2. Steven is re-roofing our house by himself! It looks darn good, too. I’m helping, but I don’t have the carpentry skills. My job is to keep him company, keep him fed, and make sweet tea. : ) Oh, and I get to pick up old shingles.

3. Minnie Pearl has the worst gas of any dog I have ever met! It’s horrible. We’ve even changed her food; it doesn’t matter. She’s just a silent-but-deadly, stinky dog. One night, I honestly sat straight up in bed, freaking out. I thought she had gone to the bathroom in my bedroom floor. Nope! She was sound asleep at my feet!

4. We’ve been married 4 months, and I have only ordered a few 4×6 prints of our professional wedding photos. I have even designed an album and haven’t ordered it yet.
5. Steven didn’t like country music before we met. I converted him. I’m pretty sure when I met him, never in a million years would he have thought he’d ever be excited about Johnny Cash and bluegrass music.

6. I hated bluegrass music when I was younger, but now I really like it. My dad tried SO hard to get my sister and I into, but we resisted. It didn’t last forever though. We got sucked in eventually. I’m pretty sure one of my dad’s proudest moments was when I told him I wanted to go to a bluegrass concert. He took me to see The Peasall Sisters! I got to meet them, too!

7. Steven can do the splits.

8. I wanted to sing with the praise band at church since I was about 13, but I was too chicken. It took my dad forcing me when I was about 17. Now I love it! I just hope my children sing better than I do.

9. When I was 7 or 8 I caught a minnow in the ditch at my Big’s house. I named “her” Kelly and kept her in a small tank in my room. I was really sad when she got too big, and I had to set her free. I was really concerned that she wouldn’t know how to catch her own food or that someone would catch her and eat her! haha, I’m sure someone would want to eat a nasty ditch fish…

10. Steven has a piece of metal lodged in his arm from a hammer.

11. Steven, myself, and 3 of our 4 pets sleep in a full size bed.

12. I’m trying to learn to sew. So far, I stink at it.

13. I’m pretty sure the staff at the Urgent Care on Stadium remembers Steven every time he comes in. If not, they take a look at his file and it comes back to them. He’s been there for a few random/strange injuries (see #10). The last time he was there because he was sick, and the doctor asked me if he’d been skateboarding lately. haha

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