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our lovely little farmhouse

welcome mat and painted toes

I mentioned in this post back in September that I would share more pictures of our house as soon as we had internet service here. Well, it was December or January before that happened! (A perk of living rural. 🙂 ) Here is a very long overdue look at some of our home on the inside. Most of these pictures were taken before we moved in or shortly after. I’ll be sharing updated pictures along the way as projects are completed and rooms are decorated.

Living Room


living room

Notice there is no railing on the landing or on the right side of the stairs. Don’t worry, that has been fixed. 🙂

farmhouse stairs




Master Bedroom


Bedroom #2


Bonus Room

This is now the kids’ playroom.

old house log wall


How’s this for vintage? 😉 Anyone want to guess what year this was added on?? Ha!

IMG_7040   IMG_7043

1950s bathroom

And the outside The shrubs and flower beds were pretty overgrown.


landscaping before IMG_7160 IMG_7162 IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7165  IMG_7174 IMG_7171 IMG_7166

There are a couple of before pictures I can’t seem to find at the moment – the boys’ room and our school room. 🙁 Be sure to check out our pictures on Instagram though! You can follow me @mommythezookeeper and look for #ourlovelylittlefarmhouse

Coming soon…updates & “in progress” pictures!

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Our new (old, really old) house

I had intended to save this post until we had internet at our new house, so I could include the pictures from the day we first looked at it. However, we’ve been here 5 weeks now and still haven’t found an internet provider. So, here we go… On Father’s Day we looked at this house for the first time. 20140907-151149.jpg


And fell completely in love. We put in our offer 2 days later and signed a contract on Saturday. We closed a little over a month later. This house is the perfect mix of my husband and I. It has the elegance and charm of a Victorian farmhouse and the ruggedness and history of a log cabin – because it is both. Originally built in 1901 as a dogtrot cabin, the house was put under one roof in the 1930s. As soon as we have internet service I’ll be sharing more pictures and some before and afters of the projects we’ve been working on so far. Here is a small recap of our activities this weekend – yard work!
little sister has taken some wonderful naps in the yard this weekend. 🙂








Today we planted two cherry trees to finish off the weekend. 🙂 20140907-161618.jpg

20140907-161552.jpg PS- You can also get a sneak peek over on Instagram. I’ve tagged some pics with #movingourzoo and #ourlovelylittlefarmhouse 🙂

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