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My little troublemaker

Tonight I started painting my cabinets. After getting all the doors to the top cabinets painted, the pantry door, the sides, and some of the trim done, I decided to call it a night. I walked into the living room to grab my camera for a few in-process pictures of the kitchen. When I returned to the kitchen, this is what I found…

Apparently when Steven took the baskets off the pantry door, he just laid them on the floor of the pantry. One of those baskets just happened to contain doggie treats. Emerald attempted to help herself to the treats, and got covered in paint in the process.


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My Little Escape Artist


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Thirteen Thursday

I’ve been pretty lazy with my blogging lately. Actually, I’ve been pretty lazy overall, but that’s another story. In an attempt to actually accomplish something tonight, here is a 13 Thursday list of random pictures form my computer.

1. This is why Steven has no room to sleep when he comes home. All week long, Minnie has believed this was her spot, and then she’s expected to give it up?

2. Roush should be a model. He loves to have his picture taken. It’s a very strange thing for a cat to enjoy.

3. Roush also likes to sleep in very cute positions.

4. Occasionally, I can no longer stand throwing a nasty, slimy dog toy. Mr. Squeaky got a bath recently.

5. Steven’s latest toy:

6. I bet your grandma didn’t get vodka for Christmas! haha, ok it’s hairspray for her to use at work…and I think that box came from the beauty supply store. Why would they have a vodka box?

7. Christmas or a birthday party? Both actually. My cousin, Casey, was born on Christmas day of 1987 – 9 months and 6 days after me.

8. Sometimes on long trips, my husband does scary stuff to make me laugh.

9. Steven rarely finds a book interesting enough to read.
Emerald rarely chooses to sit in his lap.

10. He sure is cute when he sleeps, but I’m rarely awake before him.

11. Every family needs a sweet little cocker spaniel.

12. I love this picture. Taken about a month ago at 10 a.m. using available light.

13. This is my favorite picture of Biscuit of all time.


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Mr. Squeaky

This is Mr. Squeaky. He is Emerald’s favorite toy. He is also, somehow, the only toy that has survived her abuse. We have searched every pet aisle we come across for a toy that is Emerald-proof. So far, he is our only survivor, and guess what. He was bought when Emerald was less than 2 months old and cost a whopping 97 cents. We have spent as much as $5.00 on a dog toy, just for her to eat it in less than 10 minutes. I do mean “eat,” too. As in, she tears a hole in it, then picks it apart piece-by-piece and eats it. She sure does love Mr. Squeaky though.

Minnie Pearl uses Emerald’s love for Mr. Squeaky to her advantage. A few weeks ago, Emerald weaseled her way between me and Minnie in the bed. This irritated Minnie, so Ms. Minnie Pearl jumped off the bed, found Mr. Squeaky, squeaked him once to get Emerald’s attention and waited. Of course Emerald was quick to jump off the bed to steal her beloved Mr. Squeaky back from Minnie. This was exactly what Minnie was counting on. She jumped back up in her spot next to me while Emerald was distracted with chewing on Mr. Squeaky. Emerald never caught on. She isn’t always the brightest.

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Merry Christmas from the Andersons!

UPDATE: Please note that our Christmas card this year was a collage of images of my attempts to get good Christmas photos of our five pets. We do not have 20+ animals, even though it may seem like it at times.

Also, I need to mention that the names on the card are not in order of the last row of photos. Oops! L-R they are, Biscuit, Emerald, Roush, Minnie Pearl, and Poncho.

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I’m so proud!

Today, Emerald got her hair cut. She cried for a bit when I dropped her off, so I was a bit concerned. She is usually a major drama queen and very naughty for Weslynn, our groomer. Not today, though! She got 4 paws on her report card! Weslynn said, “She was a bit nervous about having her feet combed and trimmed, but she didn’t act up or anything.” I’m so proud of her! This is a huge improvement. She usually only gets two paws on her report card.


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Another little project

After church tonight, I finished cleaning the house and discovered I had an extra couple of hours until my guests arrive. Two hours with nothing to do? Hmmm….

This is what I made:

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This morning I had a photo shoot with Theron. He is such a cutie, and he is so much fun. It is hard to believe he is already 18 months old!

This picture was taken when he was just a few days old.

Tonight I photographed my first even for Occasions. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly I wasn’t really nervous!

I also made a set of hair bows for Emerald today. She looks very cute in them. I think she’ll wear them to the vet’s office tomorrow.


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Emerald & Minnie Pearl

Sisters & Best Friends


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They used to be…

Look how cute they both were! What happened? Well, they are both still cute…

My dogs used to both be so little, cute, and sweet.

Emerald is still little and cute, but she now has an attitude. She literally turned her nose up to a little girl in the vet’s office! I was so embarrassed. She is very sweet to me, but she has no interest in cuddling with anyone except me. She is incredibly jealous, too. Steven is not supposed to give me any attention when she is around. She doesn’t like to share her mommy.

Minnie is NOT little anymore. She’s actually rather large.
She is still sweet and loves everyone, but she is a terror. She eats anything and everything that she knows she shouldn’t. Electrical things and fabric things seem to be her favorites. If we forget to shut the bedroom door at night, you can guarantee that my kitchen rug will be wadded up at the foot of the bed in the morning. Thank goodness it was only $4.00 at Target.

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