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I heart my Wii Fit!

Last Friday I talked Steven into buying a Wii Fit. (I had extra money because I had *forgotten* to deposit one of my last paychecks. =) I’m pretty sure we now agree that it was money well spent. Steven hogged it the first night for an hour! We have finally found a video game(s) that we both enjoy and can actually compete with one another on. I usually have no chance at beating Steven.

I was a bit surprised at how much of a workout I actually get from using it. I love the yoga and strength training exercises. The balance games and test actually work, too. This week I have been catching myself standing with bad posture and correcting myself. Tonight will be the 7th day I have used it! That’s seven days of work outs for me! That has rarely happened in my life. 🙂 As of last night I had lost about 2 pounds from my starting weight.

It also tracks your BMI. However, because it only calculates BMI using height and weight, it probably isn’t that accurate for a lot of people. (I know mine is fairly accurate only because I’ve used other methods to have it tested, and it always comes out nearly the same.) I would recommend relying more on the weight tracking feature.

For someone (like me) that has a hard time forcing themselves to go to the gym, I’d say the $89.99 + tax is worth it. Not only is it cheaper than a gym membership, but it’s more fun, too. Also, when it is sitting in your living room it is a little harder to find excuses not to work out.

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