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What does a stay-at-home wife/mom get excited about?

Throughout the year I have kept a running list on my phone of things I’d like for Christmas. There is lots of good stuff on there. Purses? Nope. Funky nail polish? Nope. No, by “good stuff,” I mean really cool things like a bread knife and a rolling pin, dishes, flatware, and a travel coffee mug (mine all leak). Yeah, I’m asking for good stuff this year.

Lately I’ve had several “conversations” on facebook that have made me question my own sanity. A few weeks ago, a friend’s status lead to 12+ comments from myself and other ladies about the pro’s and con’s of hardwood, tile, and carpet. Today, a friend posted she’d gotten a new vacuum and loved it. I asked what kind it was. I’ve also shared and learned lots of stain-removing and cleaning tips through facebook conversations.

Last week I had lunch with a friend, and we spent at least 10 minutes discussing the cleaning of carpet and couches. Sunday I realized my husband had cleaned the ceiling fan in the living room. That was definitely a happy moment for me. And did I mention that I went to Target yesterday? For storage containers that were on sale?


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It’s Official…

I’m a housewife. Today is Day #6. Well, I guess technically I’m a “WAHW” a.k.a. “work at home wife,” but since my business is just starting I’m not doing a whole lot of working right now.

This is going to be an interesting transition. I had a page long to do list for this week, and unfortunately most of it is still not done, due to the ceiling issues in my kitchen. (No point in grocery shopping if I can’t cook, can’t mop/bleach kitchen floor, straighten living room, etc.) I have accomplished a few things this week though.

-returned books to library (and got more!)
-washed dishes
-laundry (still in progress actually)
-got clean sheets on our bed
-cleaned the dogs’ bedding
-paid bills
-vacuumed the living room (as much of it as I could get to anyway)
-took my car to the shop (I have to take it back tomorrow though. They had to order the part it needed.)
-put my husband’s requests on our Netflix queue
-deposited checks at the bank (This is a small miracle in itself. I NEVER make it to the bank during the week, and I went twice this week. My husband will be impressed.)
– Swept the kitchen floor. (Again, thanks to our little problem, I have done this more times than I can count this week. haha)
– Made an appointment with the eye doctor for my husband
-Researched our insurance company for a list of in-network providers
(This has been on my to do list for over two months now. Their web site was rather confusing until they recently changed it, and I am SO thankful to finally be able to cross this off.)
– I updated the church blog!

I also got some work-related things done this week. I got Jessica’s bridal photos to her over the weekend. I also updated my photography blog, and got some more images ready to go up on the web site. I also did some studying for work.

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