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Day #22 on Hurrican Ike

I was finally able to speak to Steven again tonight. I talked to him this morning, as they were driving from Houma, LA to Texas, but a lot of the phone towers are out in Southern Texas, so we hadn’t spoken since about 11:00 this morning. His crew is staying in Woodville, TX. Phone service is sketchy where they are working, but closer to the hotel it is ok. He has absolutely no idea when he will be home. Today was day 22. (And no, I’m not sitting around counting. I honestly had to look at my calendar to figure it out.) The map below shows where they are.

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Bye, bye summer!

In honor of cooler weather and going back to school, here are some photos from my trip to the beach this summer. I meant to post these a while back, but never got around to it.

The view from our balcony 🙂

I love the different colors of the water.

This is what it looked like in Panama City Beach as Hurricane Dolly rolled ashore in Texas.

Feeding the sea gulls from our balcony. I really didn’t have to use much zoom on these either. They were just that close! I was actually taking photos between ducking down because I was afraid one was accidentally going to hit me! lol

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My lineman will be home…

Drum roll, please….

Hopefully next month. 🙁

He will definitely be in Louisiana until Hurricane Ike hits at the end of this week. If it hits the U.S., which is pretty much a given, they will head there as soon as possible.

Here’s a little trivia for you.

Officially, hurricane season in the U.S. is from June 1 to November 30. Snow/ice season can start in the Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri area (all Steven’s territory) as early as October. Yes, as in next month. And as we saw this year, snow can continue to fall in March. As long as it isn’t ice, we are ok though. So, basically I have absolutely no idea when my husband will be home, or for how long. I won’t be surprised if they get home at the beginning of October, and are back out on the road by mid-November.

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Another Update from the Lineman on Storm

I just talked to Steven for the first time today! I’ll admit, I was getting stressed. I knew he would call when he could. I just didn’t know when that would be. He said he’d try to call again tomorrow, too.

They are now in Houma, LA. (See maps below.) I talked to him yesterday just before they drove down and again when they arrived – after driving through the hurricane- and I hadn’t heard from him since. Here is what he had to say:

– No power in the town at all.
– They do have running water.
– Only one person on his crew has cell phone service, and he is on “Roam.”
– They slept in a shelter last night, but will have a hotel room tonight.
– They’ll be there a while. He thinks about a month. He also said that he has been told this is Entergy’s second largest outage ever – second only to Katrina. They didn’t even do any repair work today. They just spent the day cleaning poles out of the streets.

Please keep these guys in your prayers.


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Update from Steven

Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the coast. Steven just called from a co-worker’s phone to say that he no longer has service on his cell phone. The red dot on the map below shows where they are staying to wait out the storm. They’ll have damage there, though. Well, obviously if he’s already lost cell phone service. He said he’d call me again as soon as he could.

Hurricane Gustav Notes, Stats, Facts
12:35 p.m. ET 9/1/2008

Editor’s Note: This is a running collection of notes, reports, and statistics about Hurricane Gustav.

12:35 pm ET

A couple of tornadoes have been reported in the Florida Panhandle — one in Gulf Breeze and the other at Eglin Air Force Base.

And a NOAA tide station at Burns Point, La., reported at about 11 am CT sustained winds of 53 mph with gusts to 74 mph.

11 am ET

The NHC says the center of Hurricane Gustav has made landfall near Cocodrie, La.

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I just talked to Steven.

I figured it would be easier to post the updates of his whereabouts here, as opposed to answering questions like, “Have you talked to Steven today?” “Where’s your husband?” and “When will he be home?” a million different times in the next week or so.

Anyway, I just talked to him and he is still in San Benito, TX.

See the red arrow? That’s where he is right now. He’s about 13 or 14 hours from Jonesboro. I think. Ok, I just checked Mapquest. Apparently it is approximately a 15 hr. 4 min. drive. Nevertheless, he said the area they are currently working in doesn’t look too bad, but he’s heard from his bosses that the other side of town is a total mess. He believes he will be there until the end of this week at the very least, but that’s not counting if they get sent to another town after that. They are working 16-18 hr. days, stopping only to eat a meal or crash in bed at the hotel at night.

He said all safety is 100% mandatory right now because of all the different types of power they have there (wind, solar, wire electricity, etc.). I still worry though. People have been known to concoct some crazy power sources after storms. Please pray for the safety of my husband and all the other linemen in Texas tonight.

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