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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

Day Twelve

I’m thankful for a lazy day at home.

It has been weeks since I’ve gotten to spend a whole day at home with all my little ones, and today is my last chance until about Tuesday of next week. We are enjoying it by coloring, playing with play-doh, and watching Ninja Turtles in our pajamas on this really cold and windy day. On the agenda for this afternoon: a Christmas movie with popcorn and hot chocolate.

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30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 3

Day Three

I am thankful for all the ways my kids made me laugh today. I needed it.i can’t remember them all, but I will share a few.

Sylvia-Kate climbed on top of a surround sound speaker and stood up holding onto the entertainment center, and she was mighty proud of herself. Then she cried because she couldn’t get down.

Lincoln put on Steven’s hat sideways and his sunglasses and sang a rock song about Ninja Turtles.

Lincoln informed me that Subway’s cooking was better than mine.

Stanton nonchalantly says random funny stuff all day long. Asked him if he will pick up a dropped cracker and give it to his brother, “No,” and walks out of the room. (Hint: Don’t give him an option. Just tell him what to do.)

Stanton came to me holding his nose saying, “Change me! Change me!” (Daddy told him to go to the bathroom and change his own pull up. Haha!)

And Lincoln started the day wanting to take silly selfies with me.



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Lazy Sunday

This morning, before anything else, Lincoln had a rodeo in the kitchen. 🙂



Then the dinosaurs arrived. Don’t worry, the black stallion kicked some t-rex butt.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from our zoo!


Don’t ya just love the big bruise on Brother’s forehead? I usually can’t bring myself to remove scratches and bruises in Photoshop. Those battle wounds are too much a part of who my rowdy boys are. 🙂 He got that about 3 days before these pictures were taken; he tripped over his own feet and fell into the metal strip at the bottom of the front doorway.


If you like their adorable shirts, check out The Orange Daisy.

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Arkansas weather can be very strange, and this winter (if you can call it that) has definitely been a strange one. We’ve had more than one day warm enough to play outside in light jackets.

As much running as my oldest wild one does, he also loves to lie in the grass and watch the clouds and planes. These moments only last about 30 seconds each though. 🙂

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{Wordless Wednesday} A Sunday Morning Breakfast

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Saturday Seven

Seven things I’m thankful for on this lovely Saturday morning.

1. My husband is coming home today! We’ve missed him. 🙂

2. All sickness has left our house! After over a week of off-and-on not feeling well and having sick little boys every other day, I’m glad to see it gone!

3. Yesterday was payday for my husband. There are lots of things I could complain about when he is on storm, but thankfully payday isn’t one of them. I am very blessed to have a man that works hard and has a career that allows me to be home with our sweet, wild boys.

4. I’m getting caught up on my work duties, finally. I am so glad I have patient clients. The last few weeks have been crazy.

5. This weekend I will go to the grocery store and buy milk,eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables for my family. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you can spend freely, we often forget how many people in the world don’t have this luxury. Sometimes I get really annoyed because there are things I want to buy, but they just aren’t in the budget, but I try to remember that I have more food (and healthy stuff at that) in my kitchen than a lot of others.

6. I have two little boys that are taking naps right now.

7. This might be the biggest one of all for today…..I’m thankful Lincoln had decorative scissors instead of regular scissors in his hand when he tried to cut my hair this morning while I slept! (the kind that cuts pretty edges and pretty much only work on paper) I’m also thankful that I woke up to the snip, snip sound to take them away from him before he did damage to anything!

What’s your Saturday Seven? If you want to post it on your own blog, send me a link. I’d love to read it. 🙂

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Color, Click, Capture Photography Challenge: Red

Sarah, one of the lovely mommies in the Moms of Jonesboro group with me, also blogs over at East9thStreet, where she is co-hosting a weekly photo challenge. This week’s color is red.  Obviously I didn’t take this picture specifically for the challenge, but cut me some slack. We’ve had the stomach bug at our house this week, and I’ve been working. This was one of my favorite pictures from our Christmas session. My two year-old has developed his daddy’s attitude toward mommy taking too many pictures.


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Something I want to remember

Just a video of me and Lincoln making a memory.

I’m gonna miss this sound when he’s older.

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