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This week is almost over!

In my last post, I gave an outline of how crazy this week was supposed to be. That was rather dumb. I should have known it would be ten times crazier than that. This is how it really went.

Monday, October 13 (tomorrow):

  • Finish the web site critique
  • Work on more sketches
  • Class at 2:00
  • Work on more sketches
  • Study for Abnormal Psychology Test
  • graphic design work and dinner with Natalie
  • More studying for psych. test

Tuesday, October 14:

  • UP AT 5:30 A.M.! (more sketching/studying)
  • Web site critique essay due
  • Abnormal Psychology test
  • Lunch + MORE sketching
  • Design book, rough draft due – Well, not really. Apparently most of the class misunderstood the assignment, so we pretty much were told to start over.
  • Write 3-page pager over the influences and contributions of the portable scanner to digital media and design

Wednesday, October 15:

  • Sketching again!
  • Took out trash, paid bills, switched ASU car tag info.
  • Lunch with my old roommate, Whitney – This is the point at which I realized I had left my photography equipment at home!
  • Ran home to disassemble photo background and lighting kit (that I ended up not using) and grab my camera
  • Class at 2:00 – Paper over the portable scanner due
  • Photo session at 3:30 (LOTS of fun! I got some great shots too.)
  • Assemble logo design for class on the computer
  • Start editing photos from this week

Basically, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.

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