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This week is almost over!

In my last post, I gave an outline of how crazy this week was supposed to be. That was rather dumb. I should have known it would be ten times crazier than that. This is how it really went.

Monday, October 13 (tomorrow):

  • Finish the web site critique
  • Work on more sketches
  • Class at 2:00
  • Work on more sketches
  • Study for Abnormal Psychology Test
  • graphic design work and dinner with Natalie
  • More studying for psych. test

Tuesday, October 14:

  • UP AT 5:30 A.M.! (more sketching/studying)
  • Web site critique essay due
  • Abnormal Psychology test
  • Lunch + MORE sketching
  • Design book, rough draft due – Well, not really. Apparently most of the class misunderstood the assignment, so we pretty much were told to start over.
  • Write 3-page pager over the influences and contributions of the portable scanner to digital media and design

Wednesday, October 15:

  • Sketching again!
  • Took out trash, paid bills, switched ASU car tag info.
  • Lunch with my old roommate, Whitney – This is the point at which I realized I had left my photography equipment at home!
  • Ran home to disassemble photo background and lighting kit (that I ended up not using) and grab my camera
  • Class at 2:00 – Paper over the portable scanner due
  • Photo session at 3:30 (LOTS of fun! I got some great shots too.)
  • Assemble logo design for class on the computer
  • Start editing photos from this week

Basically, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed.

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I don’t mean to be rude.

I feel like this girl right now.

If you have tried to contact me in some form or attempt to contact me this week, don’t worry if you haven’t/don’t hear back from me right away. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just super, super busy. I will get back to you though! Right now I’m taking a breather to let my mind settle before heading to bed.

Here’s a little look into my crazy life lately:

Thursday, October 9:

  • Class from 9:30 – 2:30
  • Went wedding dress shopping with a friend
  • Drove to Batesville to pick up Steven

Friday, October 10:

  • Steven rented a backhoe and demolished/cleaned up our backyard. (Photos to come!)
  • I finished editing Kayli’s pictures (check out my photo blog!)
  • I started on a 4 page (so far!) web site critique essay.
  • We went to the Westside/Highland football game (Go Warriors!)

Saturday, October 11:

  • I continued work on my essay.
  • Steven continued work on the yard.
  • I did LOTS of laundry.
  • I took 2 quizzes for my online class.
  • We had a date night and went to see Fireproof. Awesome movie! We both really liked it.

Sunday, October 12:

  • Revival started at church
  • I taught the toddler class.
  • Lunch at church.
  • I went to the bank while Steven went to pick up the TrailBlazer from the shop. (Oh yeah, did I mention we’ve been down to one car for a week now?)
  • We came home, Steven grabbed a container and went to get diesel for the backhoe, and I put together my photo equipment. I also discovered that one of my light heads doesn’t work! I’ll be on the phone about that in the morning.
  • Steven packed up and left for work, and I sat down to take a test for my online class.
  • I spent an hour or so photographying my buddy, Carter, at his grandparents’ house.
  • I had dinner with Jason, Nikki, and Carter.
  • I came home and worked on my web site critique essay some more.
  • I started the typed portion and did some more sketches for a 40-page design book I have due on Tuesday!

And the upcoming schedule…

Monday, October 13 (tomorrow):

  • Finish the web site critique
  • Work on more sketches
  • Class at 2:00
  • Gym time/studying for Abnormal Psychology Test (I multitask!)

Tuesday, October 14:

  • Web site critique essay due
  • Abnormal Psychology test
  • Design book, rough draft due
  • Write 3-page pager over the influences and contributions of the portable scanner to digital media and design

Wednesday, October 15:

  • Class at 2:00 – Paper over the portable scanner due
  • Photo session at 3:30
  • Church (or more likely, sleep!)
  • Put together door prize for Saturday
  • Start editing photos from this week

Thursday, October 16:

  • Clean house/laundry
  • Print order forms for craft show
  • Steven comes home

Friday, October 17:

  • Clean house
  • Put together background for Saturday’s craft show
  • Last minute stuff for craft show
  • Set up for craft show at 5:00

Saturday, October 18:

  • My first craft show!
  • Photo session with my cousin right after that

Sunday, October 19:

  • Back to church
  • Photograph a birthday party at Craighead Forest Park

See? I told you I was busy, busy this week!
P.S. – Please pray that I don’t lose my mind and/or forget anything really important!

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Coming soon to the Anderson house – A CRAZY WEEKEND!

Actually it starts tomorrow, and it won’t slow down until Monday.

9:00 a.m. – Emerald and Minnie Pearl to the vet for their check ups
I have to finish preparing the guest bedroom and re-straighten my craft room.
I also have to return some books to the library, wash and vacuum the car.
Church that night.
Diana, Kathi, and the girls are arriving! It will be sometime around midnight when they get here though. I am SO excited about seeing Baby Kaeleigh! This will be the first time Steven or I have seen her in person!

Diana will be at the hospital most of the day with a friend that is having heart surgery, so Kathi and I will be entertaining the girls.
Steven will be home that night! Woohoo!

9:00 a.m. – I have a photo shoot.
Steven and Diana are going to be looking for her a new car.
6:00 p.m. – Couples Bunco!

More entertaining of the kiddos. Hopefully the rain holds off or stops so we can get some pictures in.

A baby shower for Jodi
Steven heads back to work.

When all of this is over I will have several posts to do. I have photos from our weekend at t he river, Ashley’s baby shower, and I’m sure I’ll have some of my sweet nieces.

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It’s Official…

I’m a housewife. Today is Day #6. Well, I guess technically I’m a “WAHW” a.k.a. “work at home wife,” but since my business is just starting I’m not doing a whole lot of working right now.

This is going to be an interesting transition. I had a page long to do list for this week, and unfortunately most of it is still not done, due to the ceiling issues in my kitchen. (No point in grocery shopping if I can’t cook, can’t mop/bleach kitchen floor, straighten living room, etc.) I have accomplished a few things this week though.

-returned books to library (and got more!)
-washed dishes
-laundry (still in progress actually)
-got clean sheets on our bed
-cleaned the dogs’ bedding
-paid bills
-vacuumed the living room (as much of it as I could get to anyway)
-took my car to the shop (I have to take it back tomorrow though. They had to order the part it needed.)
-put my husband’s requests on our Netflix queue
-deposited checks at the bank (This is a small miracle in itself. I NEVER make it to the bank during the week, and I went twice this week. My husband will be impressed.)
– Swept the kitchen floor. (Again, thanks to our little problem, I have done this more times than I can count this week. haha)
– Made an appointment with the eye doctor for my husband
-Researched our insurance company for a list of in-network providers
(This has been on my to do list for over two months now. Their web site was rather confusing until they recently changed it, and I am SO thankful to finally be able to cross this off.)
– I updated the church blog!

I also got some work-related things done this week. I got Jessica’s bridal photos to her over the weekend. I also updated my photography blog, and got some more images ready to go up on the web site. I also did some studying for work.

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