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Works For Me Wednesday – Free Chocolate!

I love Snickers bars. They are definitely my favorite candy. I’m also a fan of M&M’s. Snickers though, are my first love. They keep this pregnant girl sane after a crazy day. Strangely, I don’t usually eat a lot of sweets though. However, sometimes I just need a Snickers. How about getting some of these (or other Mars chocolate candies) for free? Go to www.realchocolate.com every Friday through Sept. 25 and you can register to receive a coupon for FREE chocolate. Yes, it works. I’ve been participating for the last several weeks. I’m going to be very sad when this offer ends.

Free chocolate is what Works For Me. Do you have a tip that works for you? Join us at We Are That Family, and share your tip!

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Works for Me Wednesday

Dryer Sheets! These little dudes have many uses beyond the obvious. My favorite use for them? Dusting! Yes, you read that right. They work great on electronics. They get rid of the static that makes the electronics collect dust in the first place, reducing the number of times you have to dust. Plus, they actually collect the dust (not just pretend to like some so called “dust cleaners.”) They also work wonders on lamp shades. No more annoying vacuum attachments.

I’m such a wannabe-housewife nerd.

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